About Us

We're a small, part-time family-owned  orchid nursery near Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. We breed, import, grow and sell a range of Dendrobium, Cattleya and Oncidium orchids - and a few other things.

The nursery is owned and operated by Richard and Katie Brackin - with some well-intentioned but slightly haphazard help from Charles (9) and Laura (7).

Richard began collecting orchids when he was 10 years old. Richard and Katie met studying plant science at university.

The orchid collection grew over time, and we started hybridising native dendrobiums and cattleyas in 2012. After four years as hobby breeders, we've decided to begin business as Kingfisher Orchid Nursery.

We sell orchids online and post them to you - our nursery is not open to the public. If you purchase orchids from us, live locally and want to pick them up (to save on postage), you can make an appointment.

Contact us:

Richard & Katie Brackin
(07) 3201 1284

71 Skyline Drive,
Kholo 4306

Visits strictly by appointment only.